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8 Signs You Are In A Summer State Of Mind

We all long for it: Watching the snow melt, the start of warm sunny days, drifting aimlessly along the lake in our boat, and working to get that perfect tan.
Adding to your daydreams, I’ve compiled a list of signs that you are officially over winter and ready to break out your swimsuit and sunscreen!

1. Top down, music up

We fully embrace the time of year when it becomes warm and sunny enough to roll down the windows or take down the roof of the convertible. That’s why it’s a sure sign you’re ready for summer when you roll the windows down as soon as it reaches 50-60 degrees – sweatshirt on and heat pumping – just to feel the wind in your hair. Music sounds so much better when you have to turn the volume up to hear it over the wind.

2. Barbeques and bonfires

Like most Minnesotans, you probably spend a lot of the summer in front of a barbeque and bonfire. As the weather begins to turn, you daydream about all the fun you’ll have this season with family and friends, and the recipes you’ll share. While shopping, you also start to stock up on ingredients for s’mores, because, as we all know, a bonfire is not complete without smelling like smoke and enjoying a marshmallow treat.

3. Is it too early to wear flip-flops?

You ask your family and friends daily if it is too early to break out your favorite pair of flip-flops, rationalizing: “I know there’s still snow on the ground, but the sun is out, and it’s above 40 degrees.”

4. Swimsuit shopping at Target

On your weekly shopping trip, which likely includes a stop at Target, you rejoice on the day summer inventory arrives. Gravitating towards the swimwear section, you casually scan the bathing suit rack – reminding yourself there are at least three more months before you can put one on – only to eventually talk yourself into leaving with a few suits, sunscreen, and a new favorite hat. Life is good!

5. Dreaming of time on the water at your favorite sandbar

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, many of which have sandbars in the middle or jetting out from the land. The expanse of shallow water and an island of sand is enough to lure any boater into lounging the day away.
The lake my family enjoys has a great sandbar. Any day of the week you will see all types of boats, hear good music playing, and smell the suntan lotion permeating the air.

7. Not another day at school…

With each passing day you dread waking up for class even more, and have multiple countdowns on your phone, planner, and on your wall calendar to remind you how many more times you need to wake up for that 8 a.m. class. But, before you know it, the books will be closed and you will be off having fun!

8. State of Mind

This may be the worst side effect of longing for summer: Your mind starts to trick you into believing that it is summer. Even though you must constantly remind yourself each morning that it is not summer yet, you also know that it is getting closer every time you push that snooze button.

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